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August 11, 2022

President of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) Ahmed Siyam Mohamed has said that the party will win next year’s presidential election by forming a coalition with any party.

Siyam made the remarks in response to a question posed by a journalist at a press conference held after a special congress held in H. Meerumaa this evening to amend the party’s constitution.

Replying to the question, Siyam said he did not believe the party needed a coalition to come to power.

The reason for that is that the five parts of the MDA will be clear and the people of Maldives will also know that.

He added that the people themselves will know what the MDA is doing for the people.

“The people will know how much money we pay. We are the largest contributors to Aasandha and other activities in the Maldives. That’s why we can do things for the Maldivian people,”

said Siyam

Siyam said that MDA’s vision was to win the presidential election in the first round as well.

Siyam has announced that MDA will run for president in the upcoming presidential election.

Siyam said that the running mate will be decided by MDA’s congress.