100 days of presidency
6 months ago

From the beginning of time Maldivians have loved their independency and have been gentle people. They have always loved their simple life.

However, over the course of years and the changes that has occurred within the Maldivian politics, the relationship between each other within the society and between family and friends has changed drastically for the worst. Mostly due to the fact that that the people had not been aware enough of the occurrences. While some use their knowledge to bend things to their will, so that they can gain their political favors, use it as a “weapon”, there are people who want to use politics in order to help the people of the country and bring forth development as much as they possibly can. The fact that we can see such people working hard for their country is a living proof that even though politics had been used as a means of “weapon” against the people at the begining, it is evolving into something better now.



The fact that the most harsh actions that the people had seen by the government and the most amount of corruption had been going on withing the past five years is something that most Maldivians agree on without any doubt. Hence, when they got the opportunity to end this string of unfair events in 2018, they put a stop to it by selecting Ibrahim Mohamed solih as the president.

During the presidency elections campaigns, president solih had visited numerous amount of islands. During these visits he had observed and listened to the people’s wants and needs. These things had been put in a hierarchy and the people had been promised that within the 100 days of presidency these things will be compelted. By fulfilling 83% of the targeted goals, president solih has rightfully gained the people’s love and trust.

The people have been promised better living standards and good opportunities within these 100 days. Big changes has been seen withing the education sector, fishing or even the right to speak and these changes are for the better. For the students who want to get higher education within the country a lot of opportunities have been opened up while the students who wants to study abroad have been granted easier access to get student loans. Electricity bills have been controlled to be in one price, (kard) prices have being lowered, student transportation has been made free, students have access to morning breakfast from school, increasing the maternity leave by 6 more months and making the inland transportation cheap. All these things have been done much to the joy of the people.

In addition to this, the president has promised that since housing is a problem in Maldives, within the next five years every Maldivian will be given a home. Since most of these things needs the Parliament’s discussion and approval it is turning out to be a long process. However, president solih has been asking the people to have patience and to have faith in him.
Seeing how the president has done so many things within the few days of the new presidency there is no reason why we should not be able to do so. Instead of looking for short term advantages we should have patience because long term improvement is more important than a few days of happiness.